How to choose the right tile to make your space appear larger

How to choose the right tile to make your space appear larger

Whether your kitchen is the size of a cupboard, or your bathroom the size of a box, you can make any room appear larger if you know the right tricks.

When it comes to creating the illusion of a bigger space, the right choice of wall and floor tiles can make all the difference. Pentagon Tiles are sharing our tips on how to choose the right tile to make your space appear larger.

Large format tiles

With such a wide variety of tiles available today, we are no longer limited to small formats, and essentially the smaller the tile, the more grout lines you have.

Smaller tiles are a no-go for smaller spaces. The more grout lines you have, the more busy the design looks, which ultimately overwhelms the space.

Our first tip is to consider large format tiles, such as those part of our Slab Tech collections. As there are fewer grout lines, these tiles trick the eye into thinking the room appears larger than it is. To maximise the trick of the eye further, blend the tiles seamlessly with grout of the same tile shade. White, or other contrasting grout colours, frame the tiles rather than blend them together. This seamless finish provides the effect that the walls or floor are composed of a singular slab.


Gloss tiles

The more light in a room, the more spacious it feels. Allowing natural light into a space opens up the interior, and gloss tiles can help with just that. The smooth and shiny finish of gloss tiles, such as those from our Marmi and Bookmatch collections, reflect light of their surface. As the light bounces from tile to tile, the room appears brighter and larger.

We have a whole story dedicated to gloss tiles, which you can view here.


Simple tiles

Busy patterned tiles can dominate a room, as the eye is driven to the striking arrangement. That’s not to say a patterned tile shouldn’t be used in smaller spaces, but be cautious to choose a pattern with subtle prints, such as marble, or other types of veining. Why not take a look at our Firestone and Slab-Tech Grade A tiles for inspiration.

Also, opting for a simple colour palette adds to the simplicity of the space. A multitude of contrasting colours ‘cut up’ the space making it appear busier, therefore smaller. Try matching your wall and floor tiles, such as our Ninteen20 tiles, or Romano tiles for a balanced design.


Simple Configuration

Now you’ve identified the right tile for your space, it’s now time to consider how to lay them. Take a look at our full guide on 6 different ways to lay tiles here, for additional inspiration.

Following the principle of simple, you want to choose a simple configuration. Layouts such as herringbone and chevron are ideal for lengthening narrow spaces, but if your room is more boxy, stick with traditional vertical or horizontal layouts. Lay rectangular tiles vertically down the length of the room, to further trick the eye into imagining the space is elongated. A great technique that can be implemented in small bathrooms, utility room and entry ways.

Essentially, to maximise the spacious appearance in your home, avoid busy! Maximise the amount of light with gloss tiles throughout, and you will have achieved a bright and spacious feel in your home using tiles.