How to Use Metal Tiles in Your Home

How to Use Metal Tiles in Your Home

​From stainless steel to industrial copper, metallics have been a largely popular interior design trend for some time. While working in a myriad of homes, metal tiles are often something people stray from, but we’re here to show how they can be incorporated to the much easier than you think.

Gold, bronze, copper and soft silver’s have increased in popularity this year, with interior designers adopting the trend throughout. Metallic tiles add rich tones and texture to any room, and can really add drama, sophistication and surprisingly a sense of warmth.

To help you take advantage of these design features, here are a few ways you incorporate the trend in your home.

How To Use Metallic Tiles Around The Home

For some time, stainless steel splashbacks often reminisce a restaurant kitchen, but these days bronze, pewter and brass have become prominent alternatives. Our range of metal tiles features a collection of durable and resistant tiles that are ideal for the kitchen splashback.

In addition to splashbacks, metal tiles look stunning on the walls and floor of a bathroom. Available in a range of finishes, sizes and colours, our collection of metal tiles can add a rich and stylish look to any space.

Metallic boarders around your bath or shower space will also add a luxury look, and complete with mirrors and metallic accessories for a high shine finish. Layering metallic shades together will give a rich and diverse look that’s sure to impress your guests, but if this is your first time testing out metallics, less is more.

How To Use Metalic Tones


Copper has been the material of the moment in interiors, providing effortless metallic shimmer in a wide variety of settings. Other metals such as chrome and brass are still amongst the most popular metals for bathrooms, but copper hues are making a statement in bathroom design. Copper accents provide glowing and warm rosy and deep orange hues into a space. Working well neutral shades and contrasting deep shades, there are limitless design and colour pallet options when it comes to copper.

Our Core10 collection is available in 2 colours, 3 formats and 2 finishes, suitable for both wall and floors. In this functional space, copper tones are used throughout, but it’s our Core10 tiles that coat the walls with the colour of the moment, providing warmth and luxe.



For more modern interiors, silver works great in contemporary settings as an accent or a feature. Mosaics are hugely popular in this colour and add a glimmer to any shower/ bath space. If the industrial trend is more suited to you, mosaics in a dark silver provide an industrial edge that you simply can’t achieve with gold or brass.

Below, our Turing tiles in a soft silvery tone add an urban metallic appearance to a modern interior. Available in 2 formats and 4 colours, click here to find out more.



Such a versatile shade, gold tiles and homewares create a sense of luxury. With such an array of gold tones available, there really is a shade to suit every environment. From glowing yellow golds to warm and rusted antiqued hues, gold tiles can be matched to any interior. Pair with marble for an ultra-glamorous look.

Here, our Textile tiles feature a gold trimming.


Bronze & Brass

As an alternative to copper, bronze and brass offer their own key elements that can add a different texture to your home. Offering enhanced warmth, take advantage of their textured appearance in the bathroom and kitchen. Bronze and brass compliment natural materials, such as stone and marble, and will add a richness that will help to achieve a sleek finish.


Above, our Storm tiles feature bronzy elements. Available in 4 metallic tones, 3 formats and 2 finishes, find out more here.