Large format and textured tiles: contemporary finishes for any space

Large format and textured tiles: contemporary finishes for any space

On the hunt for that perfect tile? Look no further, as we explore two different contemporary tiles that reflect the latest interior design trends. This collection of large format and textured tiles, are suitable for every location and taste.

Large format

When it comes to tiles, one of the biggest interior trends has seen a shift towards clean and contemporary interiors, with a slight industrial edge. Materials such as concrete and porcelain are still hugely popular tile choices, that can be implemented into the home using large format tiles.

Large format tiles offer a sleek, seamless, no-nonsense aesthetic. As they are larger in size, there are fewer grout lines, allowing for a clean and consistent finish. It’s a common myth that large tiles shouldn’t be used in smaller and more compact spaces - but actually, we believe the opposite. These spaces are perfect for large tiles, as they trick the eye into thinking that the room is bigger than it is. Not forgetting that fewer grout lines also make for easier cleaning.

Porcelain remains the most popular material for these larger sized tiles. However, at Pentagon Tiles, we offer various other effects in larger formats, such as wood and concrete, for an ultra realistic finish with minimal maintenance. As stunning as genuine concrete is, it is susceptible to staining. In this case, large format concrete effect tiles are a great alternative.

wGVLpiENRLf9gF-Pyvnm7pfU9srrkRWtc6jtBvGx2DPY4xfxiGGCR-1RsDS_iKXSUTkahpyQFtnpmtSTiwCMC73kTsuCwqY2OwON2IX-HhVttY9ODf6O3WjAxVJSr_su9hwaXUEDHere, our Slab Tech Marmi tiles showcase how disguised the grout line is between two tiles.

This collection features 12 stunning marble effect tiles, from traditional white with grey veining, to deep browns and even black.

Textured Tiles

Textured tiles are available in a variety of different formats, whether the texture is there is to recreate another material i.e. wood or brick, or has been created to add depth and illusion.


Wood effect tiles are an affordable and practical alternative to the real thing, and our wooden tiles are ultra realistic. Natural and understated interior decor themes are on the rise, and wood effect tiles are a great way to introduce this theme into the home. Our stunning range of wood effect tiles are available in an array of natural tones. With options including, reclaimed and paint-washed finishes, bringing the outdoors in is easier than you think.

The trend sees long ‘plank’ like tiles, with natural random wood grains and textured surfaces, all of which can be found in our range of wooden tiles. Below, our Sapwood tiles are available in long planks, in 5 warm and sumptuous wooden tones.



For high traffic spaces, such as the hallway, carpet is often that should definitely not be considered. Instead, woven effect tiles for the floor can recreate that carpet textured look, but are a more practical and tactile option.

Variation and depth can be also be incorporated into any space throughout the home. Textures can appear subtle or striking depending on the material, finish and colour. Our fabric tiles are available in 5 shades, ranging from a calm white, to bold denim.

Here our Fabric tiles give the illusion of a patterned carpet.


Wavy Tiles

These tiles create depth and the illusion of rolling waves, and can make a beautiful design statement in the bathroom. Even if bold and bright colours are not for you, a textured tile in a neutral shade can add a simple, yet unique element to your room. Use textured tiles to make a statement on one wall, or use these intriguing textures to create an accent.

Below, our Silkstone tiles are almost wave like, and will look stunning as an accent wall in your wet room, or around your bath. Available in two neutral shades, the calming and understated tones will create an interesting illusion, without the need to use striking colours to make a statement.