How to design, tile and style a small bathroom

How to design, tile and style a small bathroom

Are your bathroom design dreams big, but your bathroom space small? A small bathroom does not mean you have to think small! You can be just as creative and unique as those with larger space. We’ve come up with a series of tips to help you to maximise your small bathrooms full potential for style and beauty.

Designing your Small Bathroom:

Be bold

Big decorative items in small spaces can actually make your room appear bigger! Go for a large statement mirror and large tiles on the floor. When using large tiles, you have less grout, and therefore the room appears less cluttered and the eye automatically expands its visual.

Store smart

A bathroom that’s limited on space will have limited space for storage, try to store smart. By this we mean to find ways that you can combine decorative pieces and storage, e.g. a mirror cabinet. Putting up shelves above your toilet can help with storage without compromising the rest of the room, you can use these for toilet paper, cleaning supplies, or whatever your heart desires.

It’s all about proportions

You can go large with decorative features, but it’s not a good idea to choose large fixtures. Your light, sink, toilet and bath/shower need to be in proportion with the room itself. Otherwise, as you can imagine, you will have no space left! The smaller the fixtures, the larger the room will look, but again, be proportionate, this time to you and your family. If you have a 6ft 4 person in the house, tiny low fixtures won’t be comfortable.

Tile style

Fool your family and guests by laying your tiles in a diagonal pattern, this tricks the eye into seeing the space as much larger! If you do not like the sound of diagonal tiles, you can try laying them in brick style. You can see this style with our Subway Range, see below.


Tile Colour and finish

Choosing glossy, metallic and pearly tiles will also help to make your room appear larger than it is. These sort of tiles will reflect lots of light and bounce your space proportions- at least in your head. To reflect further light, choose light colours for your tiles and your walls, whites, creams and earthy colours work well to reflect light. Although, don’t shun dark colours completely! A dark tiled bathroom can really add depth and soul to your small space. Dark tiles can be used on walls, as a boarder through the room to add depth or as a decorative feature such as a backsplash.

Tile patterns

This is a tricky one, sometimes it can work other times it will swamp your space. Our rule of thumb is, if you’re going to choose patterned tiles, do not choose a pattern that is super busy and intricate, this will make the room appear smaller. Patterns are great for personality and feature, maybe try a smaller space than the floor or a full wall, e.g. a boarder, or backsplash. Also, try to match the colour of the patterned tiles to the rest of the room for synergy of space.