Exterior Tiling Ideas

Exterior Tiling Ideas

From the smallest city terrace to the most spacious suburb gardens, exterior tiling can help you make the most of your outdoor space. Different levels and textures of tiles, add to the illusion of depth and distance and can make any space appear bigger.

Here at Pentagon Tiles we hope to inspire you to transform your outdoors, into a beautiful space that you can use all year round with these unique exterior tiling ideas.

Perfect Pools

Pool design is currently going through a rejuvenation, as pool owners rethink its long-term design. Swimming pools may not feature on the list of most homeowners essential home improvements, but if you have a flexible budget why not try this new idea. You’ll typically see pools laid with mosaic tiles, that glisten with the reflection of the water. Why not stray away from the norm and use simple slabs of porcelain tiles to effortlessly create a sustainable and contemporary style for your pool.

A swimming pool area is perfectly suited for non-slip outdoor tiles, that will provide style but more importantly, safety. Spaces near your pool such as decks and borders are all appropriate for tile installation. Porcelain is a great material to have around areas that will frequently come into contact with water, as porcelain has a very low water absorption rate, therefore, it does not require sealing.

Carry on the large slabs to create a seamless outdoor deck and finish the space with an outdoor dining set and wood burner, allowing you to utilise your space well into the evening.

Seamless Surface

If you have bifold or sliding doors that open your space into the garden, create a seamless living space with matching interior and exterior tiles. The whole idea of seamless living, is to create a flow between inside and out, this is emphasised with the same flooring in both areas.

Utilise your outdoor space to create an extension of your living room or kitchen, to create a modern and sociable garden. You do not necessarily need identical floor finishes inside and outside to create a free flowing space, simply choosing matching tones can help create a seamless finish. For example the tiles shown below are part of our Render collection, and are available in matt and polished finishes. The glossy tiles in the living room create a contemporary space, while matt outdoor tiles are more practical for the conditions.

Add an outdoor dining table and chairs, to create an extension of kitchen that is perfect for alfresco dining, or add longue chairs for additional seating space when entertaining.

Tiny Terraces

Terraces are a great way to escape from the busy hustle and bustle of the city. Large tiles can expand and elongate your terrace and are great for outdoor use. Below, our Stadium range can be used to create an industrial and durable outdoor terrace.

These tiles are available in a range of colours and formats, including hexagonal, allowing you to tailor your space to your style.

Using natural stone textures make for a unique look, as well as a tactile element for exterior surfaces and flooring. If you live in a colder region, porcelain tiles are well suited for seasonal freezing temperatures and thawing conditions.

Elevated Elegance

Our Solid 2 cm Range, consists of thick porcelain tiles that allow you to build elevated floors suitable for external commercial or residential areas. These tiles can be equipped with stands to elevate the flooring, to be level with your indoor space. Because of this feature, these tiles have great resistance to heavy loads making them perfect for pools and high traffic areas, especially if you frequently host garden parties.

These tiles are great if you have to step down into your garden, but you want to create a seamless surface from indoor to outdoor.