Bathroom Tile Trends 2018

Bathroom Tile Trends 2018

From feature walls to luxurious walk-in showers, tiling projects are quickly becoming a great way to update the home. With current trends extending from Scandinavian to stone and grey, tiles are a fantastic way to create a fresh new interior that’s both practical and chic.


You can’t beat classic marble tiles for timeless sophistication. Once seen as an extravagant ‘hotel tile’, marble is now accessible to all. Marble is surprisingly versatile, pairing beautifully with minimalist decor, Scandinavian interiors, industrial chic and even opulent art deco.

Marble tiles are ideal for lightening a room, a great option for smaller bathrooms. They can instantly create a high-end vibe, inviting the space to be uplifting and bright. In large areas, it is a statement that will sure have your guests’ heads turning.

For your home, our Slab-tech Marmi collection sees 12 stunning marble variations, with different tonal veins. Our wide shade range doesn’t limit you to the tried and true white tiles with grey veining. Consider deep browns or black with intriguing white veins.

Whether you decide to cover the entirety of your bathroom, floor to ceiling in marble tiles, our Slab-tech tiles are available in large formats for a seamless finish. For a space that’s really on trend, compliment your new tiles with green foliage and brass accents for modern Scandinavian, or matt black accessories for industrial chic.


This Nordic trend has become a standard in modern interiors, especially in the bathroom. Wood, clean lines and minimalism, are all distinguishing features of this trend, that can be adapted into the home in many ways. For the bathroom, part of the Scandi trend sees wooden floors throughout this space, even in walk-in showers.

You may be thinking, that wooden flooring won’t last long in these spaces? But with wood-effect tiles you can enjoy all the characteristics of wooden flooring, without the maintenance and upkeep. Match with white chevron tiles and matt black accessories, and you’ll soon be transported to a chic Scandinavian hotel.

Our Driftwood tiles look and feel like wooden floors, and are available in the perfect shades for a Scandi bathroom. IZehuOqRJwvJGdP-C9VdAlcVyjCbQoWA3K3Kj74hup7voM5emX9mNkyCtZ7l8Ilkm8jIgESEae3wxNqcT45c39FMgF-BmyCxJGoEre_XMnY7Ng-Hn7LweC9ErZf9ajPfQX8EnHCI710HKl1LSlWaPfly6Qi0zEO559QpZp3vqEflDriAfNF7oU4WJ5vpKZbpmaRJePT9IeZ3lRxHwGlfLtTtyrme0AlnhuCh6gtvYX6_R2EeYCmZuOFGV6XpAvPHJ4MXa03LerhqHjpL

Concrete and Stone

Meticulously matt tiles with minimal maintenance? Look no further than extremely hard wearing concrete and stone tiles - ideal for this high traffic space. This trend sees a revolution in the typical all white gloss bathroom.

Concrete and stone are fast becoming go-to materials for bathrooms, replacing porcelain with their strength and industrial feel.

Tiling floor to ceiling with these materials will provide you with a blank canvas. There are endless decor options when it comes to decorating a concrete or stone bathroom. Marble, metal and wood all work great with these natural elements. As you can see in the bathrooms below, there are multiple elements of the previously mentioned materials, that all work great with concrete and stone walls and floors.

These tiles (below) are part of our glide range, an exceptional collection of concrete-look porcelain. PqLvSEH29msnxcN9TbyeVY1jSnw0DDr4hpiEJdFtqoFOPIK3i0IKJkvB1aIpL8hXroMIlCmPpqw5eP2i_wz1b3WdB6H2zmheL2Y_r2HgUqbvJht6QlWLK7JxQmvAsnEQDTb0NYop

Perfectly complementing chrome and marble, our Basalt (below) tiles are inspired by basalt rock. All tiles in both of these collections are available in a matt finish, adding to the authenticity of their overall concrete appearance.



Using grey as a base for any tiling project, allows you to experiment with pops of colour, without committing to elaborate tones that you’ll want to change a few months down the line.

The grey bathroom trend gets bigger and bigger each year, and is arguably the biggest trend to hit bathroom design in recent years. The reason for this? Grey bathrooms offer a practical yet understated design. As grey is a neutral colour, it works well in traditional and modern settings, creating a great base for any colour palette. Trends may come and go, one season may be all about rich purples, a few months later bright yellows. With grey bathroom tiles you have the ideal settings to play around with colours that fade in and out of popularity with each season.

Your bathroom isn’t going to look outdated in a few years time when tiled all grey. There are other ways to incorporate this colour, bathroom furniture and even freestanding baths are amongst a few popular choices.

Subway tiles are a great option here. The advantage with these, is that you can cover as much or as little of the wall as you wish. You may decide to tile half way up and paint the remaining, or use them to highlight a specific area i.e. a walk in shower or around a bathroom or sink. Subway tiles always look fantastic regardless of how you place them.