7 Tile Trends for 2019

7 Tile Trends for 2019

The new year is a great time to refresh your home, and if you’re thinking of updating your tiles this year, here are 7 tile trends for 2019 to inspire your next home improvement project.

This year, we’ll see an abundance of different tile trends, that provide just about each design style, from minimalist, to contemporary and vintage.

Tiles have the ability to completely transform a space. They are one of very few interior design elements that are capable of doing just this. Whether used to line the floors of hallway, coat the walls of the bathroom, or cover the backsplash in the kitchen, it’s safe to say that a high-impact finish is always imminent.

Tile Style

1. Patterned Concrete

Gone are the days of floors fading into the background of a room, 2019 is all about patterned tiles that make the floor pop! Patterned tiles within the home provide an excellent base that’ll allow your personality to shine through with different colour, design and materials options.

Putting their decorative versatility aside, the contemporary yet abstract patterns provide a statement finish that will create as much impact on the bathroom floor, as they would as a kitchen backsplash.

At Pentagon Tiles we love our Patterna Hexagon tiles, with the look and feel of patterned cement, made from durable porcelain. Combine prints for a pattern that’s truly unique to your home and personal style, or opt for a stunning floor composed of a singular print as shown below.


2. Honeycomb Tiles

When it comes to tiles, colours and textures are essential, but many forget that shape plays an important part in aesthetics. Geometric shapes were big in design last year, and they are set to remain in the world of interiors for 2019, particularly hexagon or ‘Honeycomb’ tiles. This pattern can be used on a larger scale, or in smaller rooms where they improve the perception of space.

Below, our Stadium tiles in the shape of the moment, highlight the definition between interior and exterior spaces.


3. Long, Narrow Subway Tiles

As the Honeycomb trend implies, this year will be all about unusual tile shapes. Instead of the classic subway tile, this year longer and narrower tiles will appear in bathrooms as a sleek alternative to the metropolitan aesthetic.

Below, our Glaze Brick tiles are much narrower than traditional Subway tiles.


Click here to view our full guide to Subway tiles.

4. Modular

If you’re looking to add some rural charm to your home this year, then modular tiles are a great option to consider.

With a variety of sizes associated with modular floor tiles, they are a flexible choice for any room within the home. Modular tiles provide the ability to create interest and texture with irregular patterns, while allowing you to adapt the design to suit your taste and decor.

Depending on how you decide to lay them, modular tiles can create a pattern that works to maximise space. As there are no straight connecting lines between each tile, the eye doesn’t follow the line to the edge of the room. Although there is a little more planning associated, the results are entirely worth it, as you can see from our Onestone tiles below.


Tile Colours

5. 70s Revival

They say that fashion is cyclical in nature, and maybe this is the reason why we will begin to see a return of 70s nostalgia in interiors. In terms of colour, this means a focus on rich, earthy tones like mustard, ochre, olive green, chocolate, and caramel. This trend will definitely work well with Spiced Honey, Dulux’s Colour of the Year for 2019.

That carefree 70s vibe can be achieved without the need for retro wallpaper and bold motif fabrics, as it’s all about the colours that defined this decade, for example, our Crackle tiles in the colour Caramel with a matching shade of Ardex grout.


6. The New Neutrals

Magnolia and cream spring to mind when we think of neutral interiors, however, these colours have been ‘out’ as a neutral colour for some time now. Although white has often been praised as an acceptable neutral alternative, more recently, grey has reigned supreme in the world of interiors.

However, grey’s reign may be coming to an end, as the new neutrals take over. Think pale rose, lilac, lavender, mint and peach. Basically any pastel colour but in a more muted shade. This ‘ice-cream’ colour palette is giving interiors a more sophisticated feel, thanks to their grey undertones that permeate these shades.

Below, our Play One tiles in the colour Lilas, create the perfect new neutral backdrop in a shabby chic bathroom.


7. Modern Monochrome

2019 will see an appetite for black and white! This hugely popular, yet restrained colour palette, creates a great opportunity to play with patterns. Paired with greenery from plants and matt accessories, you’ve got a stunning combination that simply won’t date.

If the grey trend is anything to go by, darker shades and tones have been creeping their way into interiors over the last few years, so it’s only natural that we introduce these deeper, indulgent colour palettes into our kitchens and bathrooms. Black and deep grey tiles are a fantastic way to add contrast in these functional spaces, and they look great when paired with warm metallics such as brass and gold.

Below, our Mattone tiles combine monochromatic shades in a relieved gloss finish.