6 Tile Trends for 2018

6 Tile Trends for 2018

At Pentagon Tiles, we know a thing or two about tiles, so if you’re looking to revamp your home this year with fresh new tiles, check out these 6 tile trends for 2018 to see whats in trend for the year ahead.

Chevron & Herringbone

Deciding on new flooring for your home is never an easy task. With so many options available, it may be best to break down the options into a particular colour or style you prefer. Once you have decided on a colour that you like, why not have a look at placing your tiles into a chevron pattern, a new tile trend set to take over in 2018.

Chevron is very similar to herringbone, but each pattern has their own characteristics. The herringbone effect is achieved by connecting tiles at a 90 degree angle, whereas, the chevron effect is achieved by angling tiles to come together at a point. For years the herringbone effect has been used in parquet wood floors and monochrome tiling, but a recent popularity in geometric patterns has put them on the back burner. A chevron pattern, whether on the wall or floor, will complement any space, from open plan kitchen/ dining room, to the narrowest of hallways.

Use a grey or neutral tile for a subtle yet sophisticated effect, that will stand the test of time and never go out of style. Looking for chevron on the walls? Why not try a chevron backsplash in the kitchen or a feature wall behind a bathroom sink to give your room a fresh and chic look. At Pentagon Tiles, we offer a range of tiles, cut correctly to create this chic pattern in a range of colours.



Forget square or rectangle, hexagon is the newest trend in tiling shapes for 2018. Hexagon tiles first gained popularity in the 20th Century, where they were commonly found in the kitchen. The popularity of hexagon tiles will further in the upcoming months, even though hexagon tiles are by no means new to the market. Commonly a floor tile, different eye catching patterns within the tiles will create a unique geometric pattern for any backsplash or feature wall and become the talking point of your kitchen if you love to entertain.

W-HYMLUMfdwl-d6hh3zFB2T1HwgES1jpDRcFEVaN6LXXGzSu85oqa9PxkKk0ZciklTcroaL54hyNFzmQjPsAwVWZ0cblk6B4zMH-7EnIRAHD0LVn6OZG7jQiG2hBgEVsHVpEgFpoIf you are looking to incorporate the hexagonal trend into your home, we have a few options for you. People do not tend to renovate the tiles in their bathroom for quite some time, allowing styles to become outdated. 2018 is the perfect time to give your shower area and bathroom a revamp. For the more daring, tile the whole of your shower space, floor to ceiling, with hexagonal tiles in a bold colour and a classic white grout.

For a smaller hexagonal feature, create a backsplash in the kitchen or feature above a bathroom sink. Pairing a hexagonal tile feature wall with wooden floors will make the pattern stand out even more, as natural accents are also a big home decor trend for 2018, and by combining the two, you have a Pinterest worthy room. At Pentagon Tiles we offer a wide range of patterns (or plain) and colours to help you find the best style that suits you.  


U5_2Zn_jg2eFpQDCb9Po7KwvURNBkFEFaqPQ6I8gD35PzLolypShwmLiFe26lIlNQ43SdRXApg6Szlkum0craNeNZes-nIG5CyjDkCzEgHSJukYXB-Ft5TtM3JSW1AsWBWVLRNdmThis huge trend that took over every aspect of home decor in 2017 is also a popular trend for floor and wall tiling in 2018. Marble was once associated with wealth and extravagance, found in the most luxurious hotel lobbies and bathrooms. Now, marble is often a common bathroom tile or kitchen countertop.

Marble can be traditional, contemporary and chic, so no matter what your style is, marble walls or floors will be an excellent addition to your home in 2018. For styling tips in the bathroom, match accessories such as taps and shower heads in a brass or copper finish, for a luxe look that will make the marble pop.

Here at Pentagon Tiles we have a wide range of marble effect tiles in white, grey, beige and black, bringing that luxury hotel atmosphere into your home. Marble has also become increasingly popular when matched with other materials such as wood and copper, as the subtle earthy tones within the pattern, match with practically any colour, a great option if you are a home decor fanatic that likes to change your decor to match the season. Whether the tiles are laid herringbone, chevron, or just rectangular, a marble floor compliments any space inside and outside the house. Using larger rectangular marble tiles will create the appearance of genuine marble slabs that will leave your guests green with envy.


XmPKpGp03oj2z30d2lR0If2s43_FpAqooKU8nT0xtbD371EDHYsvyY9tAgo6YeiX7Ped3M2lAX_NHPoFMm5z03N1hghir7mkTlmqkhnTiUZxHKBqx1YJ6S-AQ8e402hWlaSGj6JiIf you have a plain wall or floor space within a room, why not add dimension with texture? Forget smooth surfaces, this trend has increased in popularity throughout the months of 2018 with eye catching feature walls, unique backsplashes and intriguing bathroom tiling. Textured tiles are also a great way to incorporate a subtle pattern into your walls and flooring, particularly if bright and bold isn’t your thing. You can still achieve the simplicity of an all white bathroom, but add a subtle pattern through textured tiles on the floor and bath/shower area.

V8XLga25WSGGzou3IeFiHLK27koKjYyPvoxgZBTGscdYD96bqBSzodnwsw8zxkor0yWeNvkC7KPvgGodSGbIC5wQT0fNgCW_u3an2cBzPQGRVhNQlx6VxAg59SbFj71x8MTxqx4UWhen it comes to texture, Pentagon Tiles offer a wide range of fabric, faded and porcelain tiles in a broad selection of colours, shapes and sizes, allowing you to transform any room and add dimension. Why not take a look at our range and become inspired to create a textured feature wall within your kitchen, living room, bathroom or dining area.


Interior design exhibitions such as the Ideal Home Show and Grand Designs Live have exposed us to a new unusual tile trend called rugging. Rugging is achieved when a block of patterned tiles are surrounded by plain tiles, creating a block of colour and interest, much like a rug. This is a great way to create zones within an open living space and an alternative to a traditional rug. Much like Marmite, you’re either going to love this trend or hate it. This trend works great in a large open space, bringing together both sides of a room by mimicking the look of a central rug, but with a more practical wipe clean surface.

Rugging can also be used to create a ‘task’ area, for example, defining a kitchen from a dining space in an open layout. Rugging can also be used around the edge of a kitchen island in a larger space. At Pentagon Tiles we offer various patterned tiles in a range of colours, that can help you to achieve the desired look.

Seamless inside/outside living

If you are looking to transform your downstairs living space as well as an outdoor space this year, this may be the trend for you. Also on display at major interior design shows this year, the seamless living trend suggests the creation of a floor space that runs inside the home into the garden, at the same height, where using the same tiles throughout will create a seamless transition.

j4YXUnWoCgkSadbk2k2FmJrcJALZmXoLA_ITuWsyPxxcA9XuenxN65Ru0gnStt_U6XSNHb0rdYZSqtfLKcnW-Arai7ZBWaz_vFCehK6RZ23pftQNxfAa6e3xgYtxfKnRto4MVSDzA great way to bring the outside in, is to choose a material that you would typically use for a patio. You do not necessarily need identical floor finishes inside and outside to create a free flowing space, simply choosing matching tones can help create a seamless finish. Utilise your patio with lounge chairs or an outdoor dining table, as an extension of your kitchen/ dining room in the warmer weather.

At Pentagon Tiles we offer a wide range of stone tiles from marble to porcelain in a range of colours and sizes, you can be sure to find a style that suits your space and bring the outside in.