5 Bathroom Tile Ideas

5 Bathroom Tile Ideas

With so much variety, shape, colour, texture and design options when it comes to choosing new bathroom tiles, it can often be overwhelming.

Tiles were mainly laid for functional benefits i.e. resistance to water, low maintenance and durability, but nowadays bathroom tiles are often chosen for aesthetic reasons. It’s because of this, tile manufacturers and suppliers have expanded their product ranges to provide unique styles for homeowners.

Here we take a look at 5 bathroom tile ideas to help with your bathroom renovation.

1. Matt Tiles

As their popularity continues to rise, the soft yet industrial feel of matt tiles brings a sense of unsurprising warmth to a space.

Just one advantage of matt tiles is that they do not show smudges and watermarks as easily as gloss tiles, making them the ideal choice for the bathroom. With a low sheen, they are also incredibly easy to maintain. If you’re looking to install matt tiles in your bathroom, ensure there is enough lighting, whether it be natural or artificial, as matt tiles are not known for reflecting light.

For understated elegance, matt tiles are your best bet. They also look great if you want an earthy style in your bathroom, especially when combined with other natural elements such as wood and foliage.

Below, our Azonal tiles provide a soft, earthy feel to this bathroom.

5 Bathroom Tile Ideas

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2. Patterned Tiles

Go bold and make a statement in your bathroom with patterned tiles! Either in subtle hues or both contrasting colours, intricate patterns lure you in and add a pop of creativity. Mix and match prints for a look that’s truly unique to your home, or for a more uniform look, stick with one print.

Below, our Relax tiles draw your attention to the floor, while the rest of the bathroom is kept quite simple. Understated, yet sophisticated.

5 Bathroom Tile Ideas

3. Neutral Tiles

Making use of neutral colours, contemporary designs remain a favourite amongst homeowners when it comes to bathrooms, especially tiles. Grey, beige and white are super popular tones and continue to be the go-to colours when it comes to bathroom design.

For bathrooms that need added brightness, white is ideal. The bathroom is a space to relax, and these neutral shades can help to create a sanctuary in your own home. The great thing about neutrals is their ability to be used floor to ceiling, without overdoing it. To ensure the bathroom doesn’t become lifeless, add in different shades of other neutral colours, shapes and textures.

Below, our Glaze Brick subway tiles are combined with a gold shower unit to break up the uniform wall.

5 Bathroom Tile Ideas

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4. Wooden Tiles

Wooden effect tiles continue to gain popularity, as people note their ultra-realistic wooden aesthetic, but associated minimal maintenance.

With slim, long ‘plank’ like tiles available, it’s easy to create ornate patterns such as herringbone or chevron. While realistic wood-grained tiles are amongst the most common, such as maple and oak, alternative finishes such as distressed or whitewashed are also available. Porcelain wooden effect tiles are ideal for the bathroom as they offer great stain and water resistance without sacrificing the aesthetic.

Below, our Craftwood tiles bring a light and airy feel to this bathroom.

5 Bathroom Tile Ideas

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5. Marble Tiles

A high-end material that’s popular for its luxurious and elegant beauty, marble tiles offer unique colouring and style. Despite the association with grand mansions and hotels, marble has gradually made its way into our homes, in particular, the bathroom.

Marble tiles featuring bolder, more prominent veins work especially well in large bathrooms. Typically available in high-gloss finishes, marble tiles also work well in smaller bathrooms, as they reflect light around the space making it appear larger.

Below, our Marble Grande tiles are used as an accent wall within this bathroom. Combined with an abundance of natural light and mirrors, the marble tiles help to make the space appear larger and brighter.

5 Bathroom Tile Ideas

One thing that’s important to consider when choosing bathroom tiles, especially floor tiles, is their slip rating. Tile slip rating is based on a scale of R9 (being the lowest slip resistance) to R13 (considered the highest slip resistance). Tile manufactures and suppliers should be able to provide you with this information.

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