4 Ways Tiles Can Make an Impact

4 Ways Tiles Can Make an Impact

Tiles can have an incredible effect on your home or work space. Neutral colour schemes have had their heyday and vibrant colour schemes continue to be a popular choice for making a statement about a personality or work ethic.

Whether it’s a vibrant mosaic feature wall or an intricately tiled floor, patterned tiling is an interior trend set to continue to rise.

1. Feature walls

Feature walls are a perfect design tool to create a unique, creative feature in a room. They have the ability to shape a room and create a focal point to get people talking.

Interior designers have been using wall tiles to form stunning features as a go-to for years. One of the advantages of a feature wall is that you don’t need many tiles to make a bold statement, especially when it comes to dealing with smaller rooms. A dash of colour, or mix up of patterns will ensure that you have the perfect statement piece to complete your room, which will leave a sense of creativity and sophistication.

Our ceramic Bookmatch tiles or bold geometric patterns such as those from our Fading range make it easy for you to create an eye-catching centrepiece which will add a touch of personality to a room!

4 Ways Tiles Can Make an Impact

2. Bold Colours

If you want to make a real impact in a space, try stepping outside of your comfort zone. Forget the neutral tones and greys, and say hello to bright colours. Far too often we see people stick to more subtle colours as that’s what they’re familiar with. But, with the help of our Spectral 2.0 range, you’ll be able to find a colour that fits perfectly in your space.

Captivating and eye-catching, bold colours draw in attention to create a really unique look and feel. By exploring new ideas, you’re allowing yourself to be more open with the layout and design of your room. Check out our brighter colours, such as Amarelo, Azul, and Violeta, and collect some inspiration on how to spice up your space.

3. Small Spaces

Small rooms give you the perfect opportunity to experiment with new patterns, colours and textures. They allow you to play around with ideas that are out of the ordinary and give you the leniency to try out new things. Cloakrooms and offices are the perfect sizes to help you experiment. While it’s fun and creative to experiment with bolder colours, embracing a darker interior will create a calming atmosphere, which is perfect for a smaller space. Our Metal and Iso ranges are ideal for this as they add a touch of glamour and a unique style.

It is also advisable to maximise a smaller space by selecting flooring tiles that are larger than average to give an illusion of more space.

4 Ways Tiles Can Make an Impact

4. Defining an Area

If you’re looking to add definition to an area, then you will love our mosaic collections! Mosaic designs allow you to be super creative when it comes to designing your desired look.Whether you’re looking to tile the wall or the floor, our mosaics add a touch of elegance and composure to a room. Our glass mosaics reflect light incredibly well, helping to illuminate the space that you’re in!

If you’re looking to create a real eye-catching wall within a bathroom or shower space, or to separate an area within the room, then mosaic patterns are the way forward!

5. Marble tiles for a luxurious finish

If you’re looking to add some luxury and comfort to your bathroom then look no further, our collection of marble tiles are perfect for you! Sleek and timeless, marble cannot fail to add a touch of luxury to your space. Our Firestone range will provide plenty of inspiration and this collection includes both gloss and matt finished tiles. Read more on gloss vs matt tiles in this article.

So, if what you’re looking for is a modern, sophisticated design then marble tiles give you the perfect chance to execute this idea. Remember, marble tiles have to be sealed annually and cleaned regularly to avoid stains, scratches and moisture damage!

4 Ways Tiles Can Make an Impact

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