2020 Bathroom Tile Trends

2020 Bathroom Tile Trends

If you're planning a bathroom makeover or creating a whole new space, then get on board with our 2020 tile trends

Subway Tiles

You know we love subway tiles at Pentagon! The Subway Range has been highly requested this year, and it looks like the trend isn’t dying down just yet. 2020 will see the Subway tile in many homes, and many people will start to get a little more adventurous. Yes, we’re talking brightly coloured subway tiles and all sorts of angles going on! However, if you’re not quite as brave, the classic white subway will still be trendy and beautiful!

We believe these tiles will be a lasting tread due to their diversity! You can use them just about anywhere and in any style you would like! 10 people can use the exact same tile, yet create 10 completely unique looks. No matter what your style, the size of your space or the room itself, you can work wonders with subway tiles.

Patterned Tiles

Patterned tiles will continue to dominate the tile trends in 2020! Check our our blog on how and where to use patterned tiles.

Just like everybody, we too are obsessed with patterned tiles! Drawing all eyes to a particular feature or space in a room creates such drama and fascination for you and your guests. Below is a beautiful example showing there are no rules to patterned tiles! You can mix and match and create unique designs and add your own personality! After all, we provide the tiles but you provide the vision, make your home yours!



Quite the contrast from our beloved patterns, many are opting for minimalist, open spaces; particularly in their bathrooms. Think large tiles, a single colour and 0 clutter. This look is inspired by luxurious spas and hotels, a true calming and sleek style that will be forever timeless.

The minimalist style bathroom usually consists of light, earthy colours, elevated tapware and a larger than life mirror. The look is easily achieved and would be perfect with our Azonal Range as seen below.



These little beauties are building in popularity and will be seen way past 2020! If you want to get ahead of the tile trend, then get geometric tiles in your house! These tiles are playful and unique, you can be completely one of a kind in matching colours and patterns together. Or, you can create simple looks with a single colour but still have the intrinsic grout pattern cutting through your wall; stunning.

Hexagons, fish scales, stripes and triangles are just some of the beautiful geometric tiles you can play with. This look can work in both a traditional or modern home, they can match any style and personality. Take a look at our fabulous range of hexagon tiles.